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Another World.

Gazing at the stars tonight I feel a feeling start to grow
An awesomeness, a hunger for something that I don't know
I can feel it pulling at my very core and soul
If I could only catch that essence I just know that I'd be whole

Its a hunger in our breast that we cannot identify
That all the offerings and pleasures in this world won't ever satisfy
Although we search and try to fill that deep and hidden void
We can only smell and taste a bit, the just like that it's gone

Its there again on a drop of dew on that freshly opened rose
That newborn babe , the fiery sunset, that mountain topped with snow
Those precise mechanics of that vast and glowing universe above
And deep inside our soul recognizes that handiwork; the signature of God

Looking out at the crashing ocean waves, I feel so very small
This is not the result of chaos, its the result of a creator God
I sense Him all around me, I feel Him everywhere
And on your darkest day and hour, reach out He will be there

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